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Natural Forces are the Healers of disease.”

- Hippocrates



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“The true cause of disease arises from an infinite source which is naturally invisible ...; but the effects we call dis-ease, can be perceived, felt or seen by the physical senses manifested as subjective and objective symptom."

- Dr. Sos Chifiero

“Reflections on Man, Diseases and Holistic Healing Techniques

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 And Let

The Truth

Be Told:

"80% Of Nigerians

Live In


- United Nations

Are You Still Wondering Why Malaria Is So Widespread


We are talking of a whopping 112 million people living in slums here - a very

conducive environment for

the onset of

falciparum malaria.

 (plasmodium urbanus)

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[Read The Full Report

Refer to Page 6 of

Sunday Vanguard

April 13, 2008.

Vol. 23, No.1068999]









"You must be the Change you want to see in the World"                                                                                                                                    - Mahatma Gandhi

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"The more we CARE for the HAPPINESS of Others,

The greater our Own sense of Well-being becomes.

The need for LOVE lies at the very foundation of Human Existence.

It results from the profound Interdependence we all SHARE with one another."

                                                                           – Tenzin Gyatso; The 14th Dalai Lama

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Malaria Eradication Network is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (an NGO) that has been established to provide authentic Malaria Eradication Information (SECRETS) for all.

We also give guidance about the best and more reliable options of Natural and Holistic Healthcare interventions in the Prevention, Treatment, Cure and Eradication of Malaria globally.

We have achieved very significant results in this direction.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Roll Back Malaria Theme For 2013 – 2015:
Invest In the Future: Defeat Malaria


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Discover The Ultimate Solution

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The SECRETS Of How To Be Malaria-Free For Life!

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 At Last! The Ultimate Solution Is Here!

The SECRETS Of How To Be Malaria-Free For Life!


Annual Event: April 25 of every year is celebrated as World Malaria Day  



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Help To Stop The Malaria Disaster Now!

It Is An International Emergency

   "There is a silent tsunami under way all the time

in rural Africa. Every month, as many children

die of malaria in Africa as died in the tsunami

- about 150,000 children dying every month."

  Dr. Jeffery Sachs, Director of the U.N. Millennium Project, Columbia University Economist.

Save The Children Today!

 Show your LOVE and COMPASSION for tomorrow's Leaders, Today!

Help to SAVE the lives of the 2.074 million sick and most vulnerable African children who are at risk and could die of malaria every year, unless YOU HELP THEM to avert this ongoing global disaster.

Remember, a child dies of malaria every 15 seconds in Africa!

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 Annual Event: April 25 of every year is celebrated as World Malaria Day


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"Giving connects two people, the Giver and the Receiver; and this Connection gives Birth to a New Sense of Belonging."

 -- Deepak Chopra

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In 2001, the World Health Organization's RBM noted that . . .  


“Malaria is increasingly recognized as a serious development issue . . .  There is evidence of a worsening global malaria situation. Mortality rates in Africa are rising. The malaria parasite is increasingly resistant to commonly used anti-malarial drugs. New epidemics are reported – some of them in countries that have, until recently, been free of the disease. In many countries, the resources of malaria control programmes are stretched to the limit. Malaria contributes to widespread human suffering, particularly among the poorest billion people in the world. It is a major constraint to economic and social development.” . . . on quote.

– The 2001 WHO/RBM Country Updates;

Roll Back Malaria: Concepts and Principles


Today, The Situation Has Remained The Same, If Not Worse!

Contrary to expectations, malaria has now crept to countries that were thought to be "immune" to it - it is now "Malaria without Borders"! Why?

What the world needs is a Permanent Solution for the malaria pandemic; and not a just temporary relief for malaria attacks. This is especially URGENT in Africa.

Everyday that these situations are allowed to persist, make the world less safer and less healthier for us all. We are all involved. 

Join Us Today at Malaria Eradication Network  and be an "Ambassador of Positive Change" to Help SAVE the World from a major catastrophe.

Now, You Have The Power To Make A Big difference and bring positive impact to reverse this situation very easily.

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Values and Benefits

 Consultancy Services

  • Malaria Eradication Network now provides this formidable knowledge and wealth of experience in the prevention, treatment, cure and eradication of malaria, to malaria sufferers and potential victims at very minimal cost ... and where possible F*R*E*E*!

  • "The Secrets Of How To Be Malaria-Free For Life" now comes as an eBook. Finally, everyone can have access to these SECRETS, which the "anti-malaria merchants" don’t want you to know or revealed.

Express Your Love For Humanity

Here is Your Chance To Give This Book F*R*E*E* To Acute And Chronic Malaria Sufferers And Potential Victims In The Impoverished Malaria-endemic Regions of The World. Support The "MFL" Project  Send Your Donation Now By Clicking on the Secure Button Below. Thank You!

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Malaria Eradication Network provides:

  • Natural and Holistic Healthcare Consultancy and Advisory Services

  • Community-based Malaria Eradication Programmes using Natural  and Holistic Healthcare Therapies and Remedies.

  • The necessary assistance to the POOR and NEEDY FAMILIES in the prevention, treatment, cure and eradication of malaria using Natural and Holistic Healthcare Resources

  • Encourage and promote the education and training of more Natural Healthcare Practitioners Read more ...

Do You Want Us

To Help You On How To

Be Malaria-Free for Life?

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